Adam Ziajski and a group of his friends founded Teatr Strefa Ciszy (THE ZONE OF SILENCE THEATRE) and started to work on their first show.

Two indoor shows are produced: VIATORES and LISTEN-IN-G.

The company presented their happening PEEPHOLES during the MALTA International Theatre Festival. Even though it was not part of the official programme, the action proved to be the most favourably and frequently mentioned event of the festival. Performed successfully for the next ten years, PEEPHOLES defined the individual style of the company as street theatre experimenting with various forms of interaction with the audience. 
Adam Wojda and Przemysław Prasnowski joined the company, becoming its core members along with Adam Ziajski.

The Zone of Silence found its first premises in rented basements in Mostowa St., Poznań, where they worked for the next eight years.
During the International Theatre Festival MALTA, the company presented THE CITY VAUDEVILLE, performed in a public fountain. The show won ‘Offeusz’, an award for the best fringe production. In the summary of the theatre season by critics and journalists of a monthly magazine ‘Teatr’ THE CITY VAUDEVILLE was acclaimed the best performance of fringe theatre.

THE IMAGE OF MY CITY was a special project produced for the main programme of MALTA Festival. The company along with a hundred of extras took over Wroniecka St. in Poznań, changing its daily rhythm and creating a new, theatrical identity of the place.
Barlinek Theatrical Summer hosted the première of MISSION – a stunning show about a group of Santa Clauses with sledges, a reindeer and fake snow played on city streets right in the middle of summer.
The company gave the first Lock from Santa Clause’s Beard – annual awards for those who support the theatre’s activities.

Another two happenings were created: PEGASUS PARADE and THE LINE performed in a tram.
The company presented PEEPHOLES, THE CITY VAUDEVILLE and MISSION at Stockton Riverside International Festival (UK).
At Łódź Theatre Encounters Festival leading Polish daily newspaper „Gazeta Wyborcza” awarded PEEPHOLES.
Adam Ziajski received the Young Art Medal from the Publishing House „Głos Wielkopolski”.

THE CITY VAUDEVILLE was presented in Cologne (Germany).
Another street show – NEIGHBOUR 2000 –  had its premiere at ITF MALTA. Full of humour and the thriller-like plot told a story about election of the nicest neighbour in the street.
At Barlinek Theatre Summer, the company performed MARCH-PASTS – a happening in an arranged traffic jam.
PEEPHOLES had its jubilee of the 50th presentation.

POSTSCRIPTUM was the first part of a cycle dealing with objectification of human relations. During the Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences the company arranged a Great Friendship Promotion in one of the city’s supermarkets – performers expressed their willingness to make new friends and were put on sale.
The company performed THE CITY VAUDEVILLE once again in Cologne (German). PEEPHOLES and THE CITY VAUDEVILLE were presented in Brno (Czech Republic).
During The ITF MASKI in Poznań the company performed POSTSCRIPTUM 2 – a continuation of the project presented in Cracow.
The mayor of Kłodzko, having judged by the title, publicly referred to PEEPHOLES as a political provocation. This generated unexpected publicity, but at the same time, became the reason for cancelling the jubilee edition of the International Festival „Zderzenie”.

PEEPHOLES were presented in Cologne and Leipzig (Germany).
CHIMES was a large-scale show, arranged in the façade of Poznań’s city hall, premièred during the annual St. John’s Fair.
Third part of the project, POSTSCRIPTUM 3, was performed in the space of the 10th Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw, as part of the International Street Art Festival.
PEEPHOLES won the International Theatre Festival Dionizje in Ciechanów.

PEEPHOLES were performed at the UNIDRAM Festival in Potsdam (Germany).
Another open-air show – PRESSING – used the Olympic Games as a metaphor of the present. The premiere was a part of the ITF MALTA.
The Zone of Silence inaugurated the International Street Artists Festival in Szczecin with a happening URBAN BATTLES. It took place on the city’s biggest roundabout, with the participation of 80 young people from „Monar” rehab centre in Babigoszcz.
Adam Ziajski received The City of Poznań Art Scholarship.

The Theatre moved to a new location in Grunwaldzka St. in Poznań.
The premiere of 36,6 was a part of the Project City created in cooperation of theatres: Osmego Dnia (Theatre Of The Eight Day), Biuro Podrozy (Travel Agency Theatre), Porywacze Cial (Body Snatchers Theatre), Usta Usta (Mouth To Mouth Republic) and Strefa Ciszy (The Zone Of Silence). In the space of the Old Slaughterhouse in Poznań the company presented a fantastical vision of the world as an enormous bureaucratic machine. Later that year, the show was acclaimed as the most interesting event of the MALTA Festival.
As it happened in the previous years, The Zone of Silence opened The Street Artists Festival in Szczecin, this time with a happening called DATUM POINT.
PEEPHOLES were presented in Halmstad and Falkenberg (Sweden). PRESSING was performed in Brno (Czech Republic).
Theatre’s 10th anniversary was crowned with publishing of a monograph book ŚWIAT NA OPAK (WORLD UPSIDE DOWN) edited by Juliusz Tyszka.

COCKTAIL WITH A STILL LIFE IN THE BACKROUND was a show dealing with problems of power and politics. Its world premiere took place at the Crakow Theatrical Reminiscences. Fourteen Fiat 126p cars were used to produce and perform the show.
More successes of 36,6: the finale of the 10th National Competition for Staging Contemporary Polish Drama and the Minister’s of Arts and Culture Prize for visual concept of Ilona Binarsch and Adam Wojda. Also, critics and journalists of a monthly magazine ‘Teatr’ voted 36,6 the best fringe theatre performance of the season.
The 100th performance of PEEPHOLES took place in Berlin (Germany).
To celebrate the opening of the Saint Roch Bridge in Poznań the company prepared a gigantic happening, UNVEILING OF THE BRIDGE. Being part of the International Theatre Festival MALTA, the event gathered thousands of spectators who had a chance to see a show with a real elephant.

The company went on a week-long residency stay in Aurillac (France).
POSTSCRIPTUM 4, which was the last part of the project, was presented once more at Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences.
The Zone of Silence took over another urban space in Poznań. This time it was a former synagogue building, now used as a public swimming-pool, where the company produced D.N.A. The premiere took place at the International Theatre Festival MALTA.
The 9th ITF MASKI hosted the premiere of LODGING. Performed in a private apartment for audience of only eight people at a time, the show has remained the most intimate production of the company.
An artistic and educational project of cyclic lectures and polyphonic meetings with scholars and artists called „Barrack of Culture” was inaugurated.

LODGING was one of the shows in the National Competition For Staging Contemporary Polish Drama.
LEARNING TO FLY, a provocative show about our conformity and the need for freedom, was performed with voluntary participation of 60 members of the audience as prisoners. Its première was included in the official celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Poznań 1956 protests (Poznań June ’56). Later that year, the show was presented in the main programme of the International Theatre Festival MALTA in Poznań and festival AURILLAC in France (producer of the show).

Indoor première of LEARNING TO FLY was hosted by the Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.
On the opening of new headquarters of a cable TV station WTK in Poznań, the company produced a TV-theatre action, A MOMENT OF HAPPINESS.
The company was invited by the Clipa Theatre from Tel Aviv for a working visit in Israel.

The International Theatre Festival MALTA hosted the Polish premiere of an open-air show SALTO MORTALE, created in collaboration with Clipa Theater from Tel Aviv as a part of the Polish Year in Israel. Due to riots, the Israeli première scheduled for the festival in Acco was transferred to Tel Aviv, where it proved to be a big success.  In the season summary by critics and journalists of a monthly magazine ‘Teatr’ SALTO MORTALE was acclaimed the best performance of fringe theatre.
LEARNING TO FLY was presented at UNITHEA Festival (Germany) and Budapest Autumn Festival (Hungary).

The company along with a group of interns created a project of theatrical interventions in urban spaces: happening LAST MINUTE at the Central Railway Station in Poznan as part of the festival madeinpoznan.noc and a street action DOMINO.
The company received a notice of lease from our premises (a barrack in Grunwaldzka 55) because of the place’s poor technical condition. The vain search of new premises has begun.
Adam Ziajski presented a project of new cultural institution – Centre For Theatre Residency SCENA ROBOCZA – to the Comission of Culture of The City of Poznan. Despite positive assessments, the initiative did not go through in the poll at the city council budget meeting.

The company revived an open-air show SALTO MORTALE with Polish cast. Within no more than six months the show was presented at 18 theatre festivals. There was a total of 26 performances. The show took part in the TEATR POLSKA Programme organised by the Theatrical Institute of Zbigniew Raszewski from Warsaw and was invited to the main programme of 30th FIRA TARREGA in Spain.
Happening LAST MINUTE was performed in Warsaw at the Central Station as a part of an event Poznan’s Cultural Storm (Poznańska Burza Kulturalna).

SALTO MORTALE was presented during numerous festivals.
During 35th Theater Summer in Zamość the Theater got the audience award for the happening LAST MINUTE: ZAMOŚĆ.
Alicja Piotrowska took office of the association's president.
As a result of the deal with the owner of the barrack (ZKZL) the team members made a decision of embarking the renovation of the building at their own expense.
Premiere of the performance BON APPETIT! took place during MASKI Theater Festival.

BON APPETIT! was regularly presented in the headquarters of the theater.
The team traveled to Romania and gave a guest performance of SALTO MORTALE during the festival in Sibiu (Romania). They also presented this spectacle on domestic tours.
In September the project of the Theater Residence Center „SCENA ROBOCZA” launched. Now the barrack on Grunwaldzka Street is also a center for theater practices. During the first edition of SCENA ROBOCZA there were presented performances prepared by three resident groups (Komuna Warszawa, Elsner_Kapral_Pawełska and Teatr Rodzinny Nomadów Kultury) as well as other theaters: USTA USTA Republika  (Mouth To Mouth Republic), Teatr A3 and Teatr Strefa Ciszy (The Zone Of Silence).
The Theater participated in the RE//MIX project initialized by Komuna Warszawa. A BUS RE//MIX was an autonomous performance which refered to the legendary BUS (1975) by Akademia Ruchu.


The Bus re//mix in Scena Robocza

On monday 7th of October at 7 pm "The Bus re//mix". We invite you for the unique performance, where the live response of the audience and the heat of the moment are very important. The performance is realized in cooperation with The Self-Government of Wielkopolska Voivodeship (Samorząd Województwa Wielkopolskiego) on the occasion of theatral curators study visits in Wielkopolska Voivodeship as the part of the project "Budzik Kulturalny".
Free entry, booking in advance necessary at
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